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Yakattack TracPak with PicPocket QuickDraw and Track Mount

Yakattack TracPak with PicPocket QuickDraw and Track Mount

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The TracPak with PicPocket QuickDraw is a variation of the TracPak Stackable Storage Box combined with the 7.5” GridLoc PicPocket. When combined these products create an easy access storage option with a spring-loaded lid for anything from tools to tackle. The interior storage space is 7” wide x 2.25” deep. When the TracPak latch is opened, the lid pops out at a 30° angle, fully exposing the PicPocket. This works exceptionally well when the TrackPak is mounted on a vertical surface like the side of the BlackPak Pro but can also be mounted horizontally on a GearTrac. Includes the TracPak Quick Release Base and the necessary hardware to mount the TracPak to GearTrac or on the BlackPak Pro.


Includes fully assembled TracPak with PicPocket QuickDraw

Includes the Quick Release Base, and four white labels

Includes track mount and surface mount hardware

Product Weight: 1.8 lbs.

Internal dimensions: 7” wide x 2.25” deep

Made in the USA

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