YakAttack - Leverage Landing Net 12" x 21" hoop

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Leverage Landing Net, 12" X 21" hoop, 47" long, with extension and foam for storing in rod holder

The revolutionary forearm grip offers unparalleled stability and control, while the hinged design allows the handle to fold alongside the net for compact and easy stowage. The high level of control and accuracy offered by the forearm grip means you don't need a giant hoop to net your next big fish. This Leverage Landing Net is the same as the LLN122047 but has an extended foam handle designed to fit into a rocket launcher rod holder.

● Dims: 47"Lg X 20"Wd X 12"Ht
● Weight: ~3 lb
● Construction: Aluminum, Polymer, Coated Mesh
● Included: Landing Leverage Net

►Revolutionary forearm grip
►12" X 20" Hoop