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Promar Ambush XL

Promar Ambush XL

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Diameter 36"

Ambush Hoop Nets are optimized for catching lobsters and crabs. The steep angles offer more volume and help to retain more of your catch, especially for the taller stature of larger crustaceans such as lobsters. The stealthy blue-ocean vinyl coating protects the rigid steel frame and top ring from the elements and almost disappears in the water blending in with its underwater environment.

Angler Access

The top opening measures at 20" for lobster and crab to easily crawl in, and for the angler to easily pull his catch out.


  • 36" Diameter
  • 20" Opening
  • 6 lb Weight
  • Blue Vinyl Coated Steel

Blue in color to easily blend in to the underwater environment of the targeted species.

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