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Pismo's Party Wave | Hardback Cover

Pismo's Party Wave | Hardback Cover

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A story of friendship told by The Goat Father about Pismo, the Surfing Goat, who has a dream to bring all of creation together, for such a time as this! Let them take you on the wave that changed the world. Many are saying THIS is one of the greatest surfing goat books of our generation. Dana and the “Surfing Goats” live and surf in Pismo Beach, California. They have surfed the airwaves as well, being featured in People magazine, the L.A. Times, and on Nat Geo WILD. When asked why he wrote this, Dana said…“Someone’s GOaT to live the Dream! There’s no one like you! There’s no one like me! There’s no one like Pismo or even Goatee!” “I am so proud of my boy Pismo—he brought heaven to earth!” —Goatee "Surfing is not for anyone…it’s for everyone!”—Pismo

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