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Gridlock track for Yakattack Blackpak 12"

Gridlock track for Yakattack Blackpak 12"

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The GridLoc MightyMount XL was designed around the GridLoc Mounting platform featured on the BlackPak Pro and replaces the MightyMount XL. The overall lengths will be the same as the original MightyMount XL; 6”, 9”, 12”, but the hole pattern has been updated and is different. The hole spacing on the GridLoc MightyMount XL is 1.5” x 1.5”. A Phillips screwdriver and the included stainless steel screws are required for the installation on the BlackPak Pro. The 12" GridLoc MightyMount XL is intended to be mounted on the 16" side of the BlackPak Pro, so if you are wanting to attach the GridLoc MightyMount XL to a 13x13 or the short side on a 13x16 BlackPak Pro the 6" and 9" lengths are recommended. For installations on rotomolded and thermoformed kayaks a 1/8” drill bit will also be needed.  

  • New hole pattern designed around the GridLoc Mounting Platform found on the BlackPak Pro
  • Includes #10 stainless steel self-threading screws
  • Hardware included is intended for installations on the BlackPak Pro or rotomolded and thermoformed watercrafts
  • Phillips screwdriver required for installation on BlackPak Pro
  • 1/8” drill bit needed for surface mounted installs on kayaks
  • Built for use in harsh marine conditions
  • Made in the USA
  • Built for Life Guarantee
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