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Viking Kayaks

Viking Kayaks - Flush Mount Rod Holder

Viking Kayaks - Flush Mount Rod Holder

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Flush Mount Rod Holder - Viking Kayaks

Confidently store all fishing poles on board with the Flush Mount Rod Holder Kit – Viking Kayaks. While the flush mount rod holder kit is designed specifically for Viking Kayaks, it is compatible with all kayaks with normal flush mount rod holder installation specifications. In designing the flush mount rod holder for offshore conditions on the Viking Kayaks, the rod holder come equipt with a couple unique offshore features including a shortened 7 inch depth for an easy fit into low seated offshore boats, a higher resting point for the rod and reel for additional protection from detrimental saltwater, and an included 3M adhesive self-sealing gasket for a more watertight seal. The kit also comes with three self-tapping stainless steel screws for installation.

  • Originally designed for Viking Kayaks, however, is compatible with most kayaks with standard flush mount installation qualifications
  • 7 inch depth for installation on low seated offshore kayaks
  • Depth allows a higher rod resting point for protection from detrimental saltwater
  • Comes with 3M watertight gasket and installation hardware
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