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Battlestar 5" Rib Bait

Battlestar 5" Rib Bait

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Each pack contains 8 pieces. 

Implementing subtle changes to an otherwise generic design has made all the difference. We believe this is the most weedless swimbait in the world with the best hooksets, made specifically for surf fishing in California. Introducing the Battlestar 5" Rib Bait.


Battlestar 5” Rib Baits feature the original invention Rib-Through-Groove® design. Rig this bait Texas Rig style using the 5/0 Battlestar XLS Weighted Swimbait Hook. Bury the hook tip under one or two of the ribs inside the groove. Your hook tip will stay secured in the groove and protected from loose weeds and debris by the rib located directly in front of it. 

This Rib-Through-Groove® design is replicated on the bottom of the bait as well, so you can easily twist the bait on the spring bait keeper 180 degrees, then re-insert the hook to use the second groove.  

These Rib Baits are a true 5" (127mm) length. 

We slimmed the body down a little to save hook gap for fish lips.

We also added a bulge where the hook penetrates the tail, to add integrity, so the tail won't get broken off easily.

The texture of this plastic is... perfect. Soft enough to allow maximum action and hooksets, while firm enough so the ribs can endure until they are bit by a fish.

These ribbed weedless swimbaits are designed specifically for use with our 5/0 Battlestar XLS Weighted Swimbait Hook.

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