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Viking Kayaks

Viking Kayaks - Profish Reload "Special Edition" Package

Viking Kayaks - Profish Reload "Special Edition" Package

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Viking Kayak - Profish Reload "Special Edition" Package

The Special Edition Profish Reload, takes a great fishing kayak and turns it into an incredible fishing machine! The Special Edition comes with all the great features that the standard model has plus, includes 4 flush mount rod holders, 2 Railblaza RodHolder II, 2 additional Starports, a rudder, and a Chill Pod. These are in limited supply and cannot be reordered.

Fast, stable, and easy to manage on and off the water, the Viking Kayaks Profish Reload is the kayak of choice for anglers seeking touring speed and endurance combined with the stability to land fish. The Viking Kayaks Profish Reload kayak is a performance kayak specializing in kayak fishing with it’s numerous features and additional accessories for managing tackle/gear, improving comfort, and maintaining speed. The design of the bow on the Profish Reload provides unmatched levels of lift – styled off of the typical New Zealand paddling kayak design – which allows the 14’ 7” 63 pound kayak to consistently perform well in offshore conditions.

All Viking Kayaks Profish Reloads come with a Tackle Pod. It's now quick and easy to remove your valuable electronics with the Tackle Pod system. The Tackle Pod offers the ability to have a fully integrated and removable fish finder, battery, and transducer setup, combined with a large tackle storage and accessories mounting space.

  • Fast, stable, and easy to manage on and off the water
  • Choice for anglers seeking touring speed and endurance combined with stability
  • The nicely flared bow diverts water in choppy conditions
  • The innovative ‘Rod Slots’ along the bow allow you to securely lay down your fishing rods - ideal when coming and going through surf
  • 14’ 7” length, 63 pound weight, 29.5” width
  • Large recessed side handles make lifting and loading the Reload so much easier



Granite (black/white mix)

Dorado (blue/green mix)


Length: 14' 7"

Weight: 63 pounds

Width: 29.5"

Capacity: 440 pounds

Standard Features:

Tackle Pod

Front hatch

Center bucket hatch

Front deck bungee system

2 middle flush mount rod holders

Rear mounted Starport base

Basic seat

Note: Some acessories shown may not be included.



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