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Fishing rod floats - Propel Paddle Gear 3 pk

Fishing rod floats - Propel Paddle Gear 3 pk

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Perfect for kayak fishing - keep your rods afloat and your investment safe with the Propel Paddle Gear Fishing Rod Floats. Offering industry-best performance, they are the perfect fishing accessory for the kayak angler. Coastal and inland anglers will appreciate these brightly colored floats that strap onto your rod and act as a miniature life jacket. The floats keep your rod buoyant and visible, so they will never wander too far when you are out on the water. The ultra-lightweight design ensures that the floats won't interfere with your casting or angling. Fishermen of all skill levels will appreciate the durable design of the rod floats and make them a fast favorite in their tackle box.

  • The package contains 3 x rod floats
  • Unique design loops around your rod to keep it buoyant and visible
  • Removable design goes on or off your rod with ease
  • Ultra-light construction doesn't interfere with your casting or angling
  • Suitable for use by fishermen of all skill levels from beginner to advanced
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